Is your sink slow to drain? Does your shower pool with water? Is your toilet blocked?

If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to questions like these, it’s a common sign that there is a problem with your drains. Although things may seem fine inside the house, it is very possible that you are unaware of a problem beneath the ground that is causing your blocked drains. One of the most common reasons for drains, pipes and sewers becoming blocked is foreign objects and debris causing an obstruction. These can include anything from hair, fats and grease to tree roots, sanitary products and baby wipes – even those marketed as ‘flushable’. In earnest, almost anything can cause a blockage if it manages to find its way down the drain.  

We Use Cutting Edge Technology to Diagnose the Cause of the Blockage

At Poker Plumbing, we have access to the latest technology when it comes to blocked drain clearing. While this allows us to efficiently clear any blockage, it also makes it quicker and cheaper to diagnose the issue in the first place using our CCTV drain cameras. The camera is designed to snake into tight spaces, and can be connected to via Wi-Fi in order to show a live feed back to our team. We can even provide you with a copy of the footage for future reference.

sink filling up from blocked drain

High Velocity Water Jetting Clears Blocked Drains with Ease

Once our plumbers have diagnosed the problem behind a blocked drain, they will select the most efficient method to clear it. One of the most effective methods is our high velocity water jetting machine, which can penetrate the most stubborn blockages when combined with the wide array of attachments at our disposal. This method is more effective than the standard drain eel or snake thanks to a flow rate of 31 litres per minute and an operating pressure over 4300psi. These features make it more than capable of clearing 40mm to 225mm pipes.
If you have a problem with a blocked drain in Glen Waverley or anywhere else in Melbourne, contact us today to request a CCTV camera inspection and water jetting service so you can be assured the problem is properly diagnosed and repaired.

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